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About BetterStudent.com

BetterStudent.com is committed to giving teachers and parents the tools and resources necessary to give their student a boost with their school work.

All of the assignments are free to use and copy as long as they are not sold. BetterStudent.com continues to hold the copyright of our assignments. We grant the student, teacher or parent the right to print, copy, and distribute in the classroom and assignment found on the site.

Our classrooms are continually changing to meet the demands of students everywhere. If you feel that we don't cover a particular course well enough, please let us know. We want to be the first and last place everyone looks for their online help and assignments.

We are trying to keep our online store stocked with the resources that you want and need. If you don't find something in the store, please let us know.

As we continue to grow we will expand this section to include success stories. Providing you with additional ideas to help your student become a BetterStudent.

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